Download LotuS pipeline

October 2013

!Important information!

LotuS v1 is discontinued. Please use LotuS2 instead: LotuS2 website
Consider these downloads only available for historical reasons, as no longer supported.

LotuS complete pipeline, sdm source included

sdm sourcecode (for reference)

The copyright of LotuS is owned by VIB, Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The use of LotuS is free for academic, non-commercial research purposes. Please read the LotuS license, also packaged together with LotuS, for details.
During installation a unique ID (UID) is created for each user, that is used during future updates of the pipeline. We collect information anonymously, saving the following information during installations and upgrades on our server: UID and LotuS version. This information is solely used to get an idea of LotuS usage statistics.

Getting started

See some usage examples of LotuS for different input formats or explore the general LotuS options.

Addtional files

454 example files
Original 454 files from mice ceacal experiment (published in Hildebrand et al, 2013):
Mice faecal samples & mapping

miSeq example files
This run was specifically created to test the validity of sequencing pipelines using technical replicates of human feacal samples.
Run1: MIDs,Pair1,Pair2
Run2: MIDs,Pair1,Pair2
mapping file