Structure of the summer school

The summer school consists of research talk and teaching (hands-on) sessions. Each day is focused on a particular topic, which is introduced by an overview talk on the morning of that day. The afternoons are dedicated to hands-on sessions on the computer.

Preparation for the participants

The summer school will take place in a class-room style lecture hall. Participants are required to bring their own laptop. To be able to follow the hands-on sessions, participants should install the following software:

  1. Bash shell
    If you use a Unix variant or Mac, this is the default shell. For Windows, please install it, e.g. via cygwin.
    Please make sure you know how to navigate your file system in bash.
  2. R with package igraph
    For an introduction to R, please have a look here
  3. Cytoscape with plugins CoNet and CytoCluster
    Check out the App manager in Cytoscape for convenient installation of plugins
  4. fastLSA
  5. SparCC
  6. NetLogo

11-13 Sep 2017
Leuven, Belgium